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Barbara Rettagliati



Barbara Rettagliati, pianist and composer, graduated under the guidance of  Mario Patuzzi and Bruno Bettinelli.     

During her studies she obtained several prizes in competitions (Stresa, Livorno, Bardolino, Milan, Albenga, Turin, Rome). As a pianist she has performed in chamber music ensembles and collaborated as an accompanist in opera productions and  in a recording CD with Bongiovanni Publisher. She has also performed contemporary chamber  music for Millenio, Bottega Discantica and Stradivarius. 

Some of her compositions have been published by Tactus, Carrara, SME / EMS, EMA Vinci, Aliamusica Records, Rugginenti, Pentaflowers and broadcasted by RAI, RSI, Radio Caxia Agora Brazil, Hawaii Public Radio’s HPR2. At the age of eighteen she wrote incidental music for a Ghelderode play performed at the Piacenza Theater. 

Her compositions have been performed in Italy, USA, Russia, Germany, France, Romania, Switzerland, Brazil, Spain, South Korea, Argentina and China.

Her music has been performed in various international festivals and in prestigious halls, including the Rossini Theater in Pesaro, the Municipal Theater of Piacenza, the Paganini Theater in Parma, the Carlo Felice Theater in  Genoa, UCSD Mandeville Hall, Ljubljana Music Academie,  Kaiser Saal Brauweiler -Köln, Katzin Concert Hall ASU, Summer Festival Palermo Theatre, Stadtkademie Bochum, Institut français de Corée du Sud, Palazzina Liberty in Milano, UC Santa Barbara – Karl Geiringer Hall,  Palazzo Chigi di Ariccia – Roma, Galleria d’arte Moderna Torino,  Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris,  Museo di Roma Palazzo Braschi , Festival BAF, Festival Val Tidone,  Centro Nacional de la Música. México 564. CABA, Teatro dei Dovizi – Bibbiena,  NYC Park Avenue Christian Church, Accademia delle Arti e del Disegno Florence, Ribinsk Piano Museum Alexey Stavitsky , Vladislav Museum Camere – Russia,  Galileo Museum Firenze, Conservatorio di Parma, Novara, Palermo, Pesaro, Piacenza, Milano, Como. She also attended an event at Keller Hall in Albuquerque with Cecil Taylor. 

In 1999 she won the national competition for teachers of Composition and since then she has taught at State Conservatories such as the Palermo Conservatory (1999/2007), at the” Cherubini ” Florence Conservatory (2008/2021), at the Piacenza Conservatory (since November 2021). 

She was recently selected for the 2023 season in New York City by the North South Consonance ensemble and among the future projects she will have a premier of her new melologo with the present of the acctress singer Ottavia Fusco. 

She has been living in Switzerland since 2008.   

Among the performers of her music: Orchestra Milano Classica, Orchestra Filarmonica Italiana, New Music New Mexico ensemble NMN, STREAMS Festival Orchester, Orchestra Arturo Toscanini, Interensemble Padova, Cherubini Florence Ensemble and many others.

Barbara Rettagliati

Giorni di Lezione:
Orario: 11:00 - 19:30
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